If I Am Involved In A Car Accident In Vermont But The Person At Fault Does Not Live In Vermont Where Can I Make My Claim?

People who use the roads of Vermont subject themselves to the jurisdiction of the state if they are involved in a car accident under Vermont law. For example, if you live in Manchester, Vermont and are involved in a car accident with someone from California, the California driver is subject to being sued in Vermont. Depending on the factual scenario, it may be that the California driver could be sued elsewhere as well but a Vermonter will generally want to file their claim in their own state.

Almost all car accident claims are really insurance claims. Insurance companies are responsible for their insured’s actions regardless of where they are driving in the United States.

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If I Do Not Live In Vermont, Can I Make A Car Accident Claim?

Many people from out-of-state visit Vermont and unfortunately are involved in automobile accidents here. No matter where you live, you have a right to make a claim for that accident in Vermont under Vermont law.

Of course, cases can be settled without filing a lawsuit and most insurance companies have branch offices throughout the United States and their local branch will handle your claim.

Our office only handles personal injury matters and we deal with insurance companies on behalf of our clients so that they never have to actually have contact with them.

If you have been involved in a car accident in Vermont, we would be pleased to speak to you and further advise you as to the merit of your case. We handle cases from Bennington to St. Albans, Vermont, the Northeast Kingdom to Brattleboro and all points in between.

Are All Insurance Companies The Same?

Although there are a few exceptions, most insurance companies are pretty much the same. If you never make a claim and send them premiums they are happy. If you have to make a claim and the claim is a small one (property damage for a vehicle for example) they may be reasonable to deal with. Whenever there is a bodily injury claim they are generally difficult to deal with because their profits are made from paying as little money as possible to claimants. If they can pay a small amount or nothing at all, then they make money and have achieved their goal.

The way insurance companies make money is by accepting premiums and not paying claims. The more money they take in and the less they pay out, the larger the profit.

Generally, the worst insurance companies to deal with are the ones that advertise the most. The few insurance companies that are customer friendly are ones that no one ever hears about because they put their resources into dealing fairly with claims. They do not pay for sponsoring advertising that includes cartoon characters, advertising jingles and other marketing techniques.

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What Is A Tort?

A “tort” is a legal word that essentially means a “wrong” that has been committed against a person. Examples of torts are automobile accidents, medical negligence, dog bites, ski accidents, cases involving defectively-made products, and most negligent acts.

There is even a museum dedicated to tort law in Northern Connecticut called the American Museum of Tort Law. It was started by Ralph Nader who famously proved that the Corvair automobile was “unsafe at any speed” and needlessly killed and maimed people because of its poor design. They can be found at tortmuseum.org and the website contains a lot of useful factual information about the truth behind myths about cases that seem to be accepted as “truths.”

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Is The Owner of A Dog Immune From Being Sued If The Dog Has Never Bitten Anyone Before?

In Vermont, the simple answer is “no.” The issue to be determined is whether or not the dog has shown any dangerous propensities in the past that would cause the owner of the dog to have notice that their dog might bite someone. There is a myth that “all dogs are entitled to one free bite” among some lawyers. That may well be the law in some states – but not in Vermont.

Although we all love our dogs, as owners we are responsible for their behavior and making sure that others are safe when around them. Usually the homeowner’s insurance policy covers any damage done to a person by a dog. As with most cases, dog bite cases are really cases against the insurance company of the owner of the dog, although the facts have to be proven to show responsibility on the part of the dog owner.

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Should I Try to Negotiate with an Insurance Company If I Have Been Involved in an Accident?

Most people are contacted by an insurance company after an accident. People often wonder whether they should try to negotiate their own claim or hire an attorney. The insurance company knows the rules and most people do not. It is like playing football where one side knows the rules and the other side does not. What are the chances that you will win? Hiring an attorney equalizes the playing field and gives you the information and advice you need to make an informed decision.

Wherever you live – in Bennington, Burlington, Brattleboro, Rutland, Woodstock, St. Albans, Montpelier, Manchester, Springfield, the Northeast Kingdom or out-of-state, if you have had an accident in Vermont, we can help. If you have a personal injury problem feel free to contact us.

The Contingency Fee

Most personal injury lawyers handle cases on a contingency fee. Essentially this means that the lawyer does not get paid unless there is a successful outcome.

The contingency fee is called the average person’s “key to the courthouse”, since most people do not have the money to hire an attorney and would otherwise be unable to challenge insurance companies decisions about the value of their cases.

Contingency fees are available in nearly every type of personal injury matter since most people who have been injured are suffering financial hardship from being out of work, have medical bills and other expenses and are in no position to pay a lawyer. Although the actual result can never be guaranteed, if your case is accepted by Winburn Law Offices it is probably because we think we are going to be able to get a successful result for you and can provide advice and assistance to help get the best results.

Winburn Law Offices represents people throughout the State of Vermont. We have represented clients in St. Albans, Vermont in the northern part of the state to Bennington, Vermont in the southern part of the state and in most points in between including Rutland, Burlington, Woodstock, Brattleboro and the Northeast Kingdom. We also represent numerous clients from out-of-state who have been injured in Vermont in car accidents, snowmobile accidents and in general negligence cases. Please give us a call at 1-800-640-5100 for a free consultation.

How Do I Know What My Case Is Worth?

Unfortunately, you can’t know unless you have help.

When buying a new house, people have an idea of what a house should cost because they can see what other houses in the neighborhood are selling for. If a person has a serious injury, there is no similar way to evaluate the case. Everyone is different and a person is not a product. That is why it is important to hire an attorney with the background, training and experience to provide advice on the value of your case. See our “In the News” and “About Us” pages for some examples of our past cases and our background in handling injury cases for over three decades.

We offer free consultations to help make this determination and help you make a more informed choice. Our background and experience in doing this (see the “In The News” page of this website) can easily be compared to others in making a good decision about who should be hired to handle your case. We have offices in Bennington and Manchester, Vermont and handle cases throughout the entire State.

What Is The “NBTA”?

The National Board of Trial Advocacy “board certifies” lawyers in “civil trial advocacy” in a process sanctioned by the United States Supreme Court. It is probably the most significant way a lawyer can show their professional credentials. Doctors have used Board Certification for many years to denote their specialty in different areas of medicine.

The concept behind this process is that certification will assist the public in identifying attorneys who have experience and background to represent them. To be board certified a lawyer has to take a test that is somewhat similar to a bar examination, show proof that they have actually tried cases, prove meaningful participation in court and have exhibited good conduct throughout their practice. There are very few lawyers in the State of Vermont who are board certified and they are listed at Nblsc.us. This organization requires payment of an annual fee and also requires re-certification every five years so that continuing proof of standards is maintained.

Patrick Winburn of Winburn Law Offices has been board certified in civil trial advocacy for over 20 years – longer than any other attorney in the State of Vermont.

Winburn Law Offices limits its practice to personal injury matters. It is one of the few offices in Vermont to restrict its practice in this way.

We represent people throughout the State of Vermont – in Springfield, Brattleboro, Woodstock, St. Albans, Rutland, Montpelier, Newfane, Manchester, Wilmington, the Northeast Kingdom, Burlington, Bennington and anywhere else where there is jurisdiction in the State of Vermont. If you have a personal injury problem contact us for a free consultation.

What Is The “Million Dollar Advocates Forum”?

The Million Dollar Advocates Forum is restricted to attorneys who have received verdicts or settlements for their clients in excess of $1,000,000.00. Winburn Law Offices also belongs to the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum since Winburn Law Offices has received results for clients by jury verdict and settlement exceeding $2,000,000.00.

There have only been a handful of verdicts over $1,000,000.00 in the State of Vermont in the entire history of Vermont and Winburn Law Offices is proud of this achievement.

Obviously, all cases do not have a value of this type but the background of our office assists our clients in two ways. First, and most importantly, it helps compensate them for the problems they have suffered because of someone else’s actions. Second, it contributes to our ability to negotiate fair settlement for our clients. Insurance companies know our track record in obtaining results for our clients in Court which assists them in properly evaluating the value of a case.

Winburn Law Offices limits its practice to personal injury matters. It is one of the few offices in Vermont to restrict its practice in this way.

While most cases do not guarantee verdicts or settlements of this size we are available to review cases involving injuries to provide proper evaluation and assistance. We accept cases throughout the State of Vermont – in the Northeast Kingdom, Springfield, Wilmington, St. Albans, Rutland, Montpelier, Burlington, Woodstock, Manchester, Bennington, Brattleboro and anywhere else where there is jurisdiction in the State of Vermont. If you have a personal injury problem contact us for a free consultati